6 Ways To Be Less Self Conscious in Yoga Class

6 Ways To Be Less Self Conscious in Yoga Class

Fitness programs can be a really daunting thing.   We often shy away from the opportunity to work out because we’re concerned about what we look like to other people or what we think other people look like.  One does not simply ignore the other people in the room.  You have to come up with a strategy that puts you in the right mindset.  You have to be prepared to some effort into finding comfort in yourself.

If you’re getting a little concerned about your first yoga class here’s a few good ways to keep yourself from getting cold feet.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Mat

When you’re new to yoga this can be a little challenging; you may not know and require a visual to mimic the shapes.   And that’s okay!  If you need to see a pose, do your best to look only at your instructor then bring your eyes right back to your mat.  Remember that all vinyasa-based classes follow a pattern.  Stay mindful and remember the way your body moves.  I guarantee that those movements will make a second appearance.  There will be some participants practicing some pretty distracting moves.  Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in that.  Steeling glances to other’s mats will only take away from your practice.  Remember that you are there for yourself; so give yourself the attention you deserve.

And don’t be afraid to close your eyes and feel the practice.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask your instructor questions.  Especially if you feel like there might be something that you’re doing wrong.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As a yoga teacher, I am begging you. Please, ask questions!  We love to answer questions, and we love to help others progress their yoga practice.  That’s why we do what we do!  

Take a Friend

Bringing someone along can take the edge off.  Often going to yoga can redirect your attention to the people around you. We’ve already discussed that this is a difficult task.  Sometimes, bringing a friend along can help you redirect your attention towards them rather than others, thus making your visit a little less overwhelming.

Where you set up your mat

Remember, you don’t have to be up in the front row flaunting your stuff.  You can choose the corner in the back row far from the other students. Your practice happens where you take your mat.

Clothing Choice

Clothing can really help out.  Most exercise wear is neon and loud.  See if you can find a set of clothes that have softer hushed tones.  This will make you less distinct, and somewhat help you to hide in a sea of practitioners.

Yoga is a Practice

Like all practices, it will take time to learn the poses, and once you’ve learned them it will take even more time for you to master each pose.  All who come to yoga are working toward improving their yoga practice and ultimately improving themselves.  Whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, we all come to yoga to achieve a heightened state of being.  Your practice may not look like your neighbor’s, but you can rest knowing that you are both working towards improvement.

Many people don’t start their practice because they are afraid of finding out what it looks like to start from the beginning.  Remember that everyone started somewhere.  And remember that what the body does, wants, and needs is ultimately irrelevant.  You can build a yoga practice no matter where you are or what circumstance the body is in.

Rest your mind and remember that what you’re doing is perfect.  The expression your body takes is perfect.  And all you need is your breath.

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