Levi Bastian Redcross first found yoga at a Bikram studio during his years as a student in college.  In his very first class, he found that he was unable to touch his toes, control his breath, and stand on one foot for longer than a few seconds.  Instead of finding defeat, Levi found fascination in his shortcomings.  He began practicing regularly and researching more about yoga.  When Levi was unable to make it to a studio, he would learn yoga from books that would teach him how to stand, breath, and think more efficiently.  Books became his gateway to all different forms of yoga including Hatha, Iyengar, and Pranayama.  This is how Levi developed his home practice.

After practicing at home for quite some time, Levi sought out a proper yoga studio.  He loved the student-teacher dynamic that all studios had but missed the demanding quality of Bikram.  Eventually, he found Ashtanga.  The perfect mix of a demanding asana practice with a focus on intentional awareness.

Flex Yoga Wooster found Levi.  In August 2016 Levi received his 200hr RYT certificate.  Levi now teaches yoga full-time.  He loves to develop creative and challenging sequences that help students recognize stiffness and/or openness in their own bodies and minds.  His goal is to give his students the tools they need to further their own yoga practice and improve self-awareness.

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