Leaving Pittsburgh

I’m leaving Pittsburgh.
It’s all happening at once.
I didn’t mean for it to go this way, but here we are.

I’ve thought through this a lot, but maybe not Hough.  I’ve been playing around with passive income, yoga workshopping, buying a house, moving, but none of these seem to work for me.  I’ve been working no generating multiple streams of income.  I’ve been working on being financially stable and planning everything out, but every time I set out to achieve my plans and all my work falls through.  And I’m slowly starting to realize that the thing that is holding me back is myself.

A few weeks ago I was supposed to be in Bali.  The trip fell through because there weren’t enough people signed up.  It’s okay, I’m not upset.  I’ll have other opportunities in my life to try again.  But During that time that I was supposed to be in Bali, I had called off work.  And for the first time in maybe 2 years, I had the opportunity to do anything.  It was odd.  Kinda like being in limbo.  I wasn’t on a work schedule, so I drove Lyft when I wanted to keep my income up, and I wasn’t on vacation (even those have schedules).  For the first time, I had absent space to play with, and I must admit…. It felt amazing.

By day, I traveled.  Not far.  Just to our neighbor Ohio.  I drove out of my way to go to a yoga studio that I haven’t been to in 2 years.  It’s called Ashtanga Yoga Columbus.  It’s a studio founded by Taylor Hunt.  Taylor was able to escape drug and alcohol addiction (and so many other things) through the practice of yoga.  As a result, he is very strict, and I’m into it.  I’ve missed the sensation of practicing in a group after spending so much I time practicing alone.  I’ve been flooded with my own thoughts (which is good to some extent) that have paralyzed me in my practice, and I’ve been afraid of coming to my mat in public.  So I hid.  Coming back to Mysore practice has been great, but more importantly, having the ability to travel to practice has been incredible.  The only other opportunity that I had to do that was in college and that’s a long ways alway.

My point?  What’s My point…?

During this time that I had away from work, I was able to travel and take yoga classes at studios that inspire me.  Any day that I had the opportunity to I could go anywhere I wanted to.  And the best part about it was that I was able to Drive for Lyft while I was in the city.  I’ve learned that I can travel and generate an income anywhere I go.

On the morning of June 14th, 2019 I sent in my two weeks notice to Ascend Pgh and Yoga Love.  I love ascend and Yoga Love.  It’s thanks to this community that I’ve met a lot of really cool people.  And I know that I’m going to miss this place.  I’m not leaving because I dislike Ascend.  I’m leaving to give myself a little bit of space, expand my yoga network, and get deeper into my practice.

I want to meet people and explore the yoga community.  Knowing now that I can do that, even without a million dollars saved away makes me feel like the only thing left to do is to do it.

I don’t have much of a plan.
But I’m on my way.