Yoga for Kids • Mondays 5:30 pmSpencer Family YMCA

Power Vinyasa • Mondays 6:30 pmSpencer Family YMCA

Inversions • Tuesdays 9 pmAscend Pittsburgh

Lunchtime Yoga • Wednesdays Noon • Steel Tower YMCA

Yoga Strong • Wednesday 5:30 pm • Yoga Love

Yoga Love • Thursdays 7 amYoga Love

Yoga Love • Fridays 9:30 amYoga Love

Vinyasa • Fridays 7:00 pm • Ascend Pittsburgh

Flow • Saturdays 10 amAscend Pittsburgh

Yoga Strong • Saturdays Noon • Yoga Love 

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is all about building heat and building asana.  From start to finish, this class is designed to encourage the practitioner to move into new shapes and build upon their previous foundation.  Asanas, such as hand balances and inversions, will be offered to those looking for an extra push.  All levels are welcome.

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Vinyasa simply means to move in a special way.  This mix with the breath of yoga—"Ujiy"—will foster meditative movement.  Knowing the postures is only part of yoga; vinyasa focuses on the connections and the space between each asana.  Begin to build a repertoire of yoga poses while moving through space and discovering your breath.

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Inversions class is an unusual opportunity to practice the fundamental skills required for hand balancing.  Including rigorous drills and verbal alignment cues, this class is designed to help practitioners find their vertical line.  Even for those who can not hold an unsupported handstand, this is a great class for those working towards being downside up!  All Levels.



This class is an opportunity for students to see new poses that aren't available in vinyasa or power based classes.  This class is an opportunity for students to build upon their previous practice and construct a larger repertoire.  This class is designed to challenge students to reach further, fold deeper, and float softer.  During this class, I often offer a Pose of the Week.  The class will encourage directed to the pose of the week, giving students the tools to move toward this posture.  You are allowed to take this class wherever you are in your practice.


Whether that be meditation, back-bending, or Sanskrit chanting; Workshops provide the opportunity for practitioners to deepen their practice in a very specific field of yoga.  Learning postures more intimately is a matter of dissolving the flashy iconic faced of the pose and understanding the fundamental composture of muscular recruitment.

I offer a variety of workshops.  Rather than teaching so that the students find value within the class, my workshops are designed specifically so that participants will take home the tools to advance their practice on any given subject.

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